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Nokia cuts Lumia prices by up to 15 percent

by on07 September 2012

Cut needed to clear WP7.5 inventory

Nokia is slashing prices of its last generation Lumia phones, based on Windows Phone 7.5. The phones are not compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Nokia clearly believes they could do with a little nudge.

The Lumia 800 saw its price slashed by 15 percent, while other models saw smaller cuts. However, the cuts have yet to come into effect and as of Friday we are not seeing any changes in our price search engine.

The Lumia 800 still sells for €280-€300 in most markets and we guess €249 will be the new sweet spot. It is a fair price, but it is by no means a bargain in the fast paced smartphone market.

Analysts believe the price cuts will further hurt Nokia’s bottom line over the next couple of months, before new Windows Phone 8 devices enter the fray.

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