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Whitepaper reveals juicy Exynos 5 details

by on10 August 2012

Possible Krait killer?

Samsung has let loose a whitepaper on its upcoming Exynos 5 dual-core SoC and the specs look rather promising for a tiny mobile processor.

Built using Samsung’s 32nm High-K metal gate process, the Exynos 5 is based on ARM’s new A15 core and it features ARM Mali-T604 graphics. The CPU cores run at 1.7GHz, backed by LPDDR3 memory running at up to 800MHz. USB 3.0 and even SATA III support are also on board, which opens up a host of possibilities. Samsung was quick to point out that USB 3.0 could be used not only to speed up content transfer, but also serve up added functionality, as it can support external keyboards and other devices, like an LTE modem.

The new graphics core is said to deliver a huge performance boost and support resolutions up to 2560x1600. Additionally, the new Mali core is said to have enough muscle to decode 1080p in an flavor and it also supports stereoscopic 3D.

Samsung describes the Exynos 5 as the world’s first A15 processor coupled with the world’s fastest graphics core, capable of delivering a twofold performance boost over existing Exynos 4 chips.

You can check out the whitepaper here.

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