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Android and iOS control 85 percent of smartphone market

by on09 August 2012

Blackberry and Symbian in dead heat to the bottom

According to the latest figures out of IDC, Android and iOS continued to dominate the smartphone market in Q2, with a combined market share of 85 percent.

Shipments of Android phones in Q2 went three-digit, 104.8 million units to be exact. This was enough for a market share of 68.1 percent. A year ago 50.8 million Android phones were shipped, with a share of 46.9 percent.

Apple has also done quite well, although many users are not too keen to upgrade, as they are waiting for the new iPhone 5. A total of 26 million iPhones were shipped in Q2, up from 20.4 million last year. However, Apple’s market share shrunk from 18.8 to 16.9 percent.

Redmond’s Windows Phone is still struggling, with just 5.4 million units shipped. This is up 115 percent over last year’s 2.5 million units, but it is still far from good.

Meanwhile Blackberry and Symbian are dying a slow death. Symbian ended the quarter with just 6.8 million units shipped and a 4.4 percent market share, down from 18.3 million and 16.9 percent in Q2 2011. Blackberry did not fare much better, ending the quarter with a 4.8 percent share, down from 11.5 percent last year.

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