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iPhone rollout tipped for September 12, iPad mini in tow

by on30 July 2012

Hitting retail on September 21

The new iPhone just got a new launch date. According to iMore, Apple will roll out the sixth generation iPhone on September 12 and it will also use the occasion to show off the new iPod nano and iPad mini.

The purported iPhone 5 is set to hit retail on September 21, but there’s no word on iPad mini availability.

Over the weekend tinkerers at managed to put together an iPhone 5 mockup, using components leaked over the last few weeks. If the mockup is accurate, the new iPhone will closely resemble the last generation, but it will feature a 16:9 screen and metal back and a new 19-pin dock connector. The new screen form factor is the biggest change and it makes us wonder whether Apple will go for 16:9 or 16:10 panels on the iPad mini, or the next generation iPad.

iphone5 mockup

It is by no means as revolutionary as the iPhone 4, but that’s probably part of Apple’s strategy. There is really no need for a drastic redesign and we see the same trend in the car industry. Premium, trendsetting  brands usually have a conservative approach to design, as they don’t want last generation products to seem (too) obsolete.

Nonetheless, we have no doubt millions of iPhone 4 users will be more than glad to line up for the upgrade.

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