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Nexus 7 to become the fastest selling Android tablet ever

by on26 July 2012

Google massively underestimated demand

This won’t come as a surprise to most of you, but according to our sources close to the matter, Google’s Nexus 7 tablets are selling beyond Google’s wildest dreams.

This makes Google, Asus and even Nvidia happy as they are all part of the project and share the profits. Many investors in all three companies will like what they see. There is a big chance that Nexus 7 will outrun the Kindle Fire’s initial success with a big chance or being more than a one-quarter miracle.

We can see many people wanting to buy Nexus 7 in Q4 for Christmas and pre Xmas holiday shopping season, and let’s not forget the back to school spree in August. Nexus 7 could become the fastest selling Android tablet in history due to its appealing price and Google is currently selling more than Asus can produce. Every single unit that Asus is producing goes out via Play store to USA, UK, Canada and Australia Commonwealth market.

We just hope that this success story won’t affect the planned global launch to more non-English speaking markets that was initially planned for Q3.

There is no doubt that Nexus 7 sales will put a lot of pressure on iPad and now it’s more than likely that we will see a sub-10-onch iPad mini competing in this market, but it will probably cost a bit more than $199, simply because Apple can afford to charge more.

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