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Tame Apple press wades into DoJ for doing its job

by on24 July 2012

CNN calls for case to be dropped

CNN has waded into the US department of Justice for daring to say that Steve Jobs ran an evil cartel with book publishers. Apple has been hoping that the DoJ would accept its assurances that it was not running an evil cartel with the publishers so that they could all screw over Amazon and make more money from their long suffering customers.

CNN thinks that the DoJ should walk away now and continue to let Apple and the publishers charge what they like. Its main beef is that by attacking Jobs' Mob it is acting in favour of a bigger monopoly, Amazon.

“It uses highly charged language such as "seismic shift," "hobbling retailers," "unfettered competition" and yet insists that Apple's arguments be "stripped of [their] rhetoric" before it declares the company wrong, wrong, wrong on every point,” CNN whinges.

Then the arguments begin to get shakey. First CNN moans that the DoJ should not point to Google and Microsoft's new tablets as evidence that the e-book market has thrived since the antitrust suit was filed.  In fact both have launched products since the suit was filed and both have said they want some of the ebook market.

The CNN writer admits he is completely biased in favour of Apple and he is not qualified to pass judgement on the finer points of Tunney and Sherman Act law that the DOJ raises.  However that never stopped Apple fanboys writing to defend the company in the past.  However the DoJ must be wrong because Apple says it is.

The DoJ is doing its job, just like it did when it bought Intel and Microsoft to their knees.  If Apple and its tame cronies were stealing money from customers, as Jobs admits they were doing in his biography, by operating as a cartel they have to pay for it. It should not have a get out of jail free card just because it is Apple.

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