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ZTE:People don't want expensive smartphones

by on20 July 2012

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Well they do, they just don't want to pay for them

Chinese phone maker ZTE has hit out at the trend amongst other phone makers to produce super-expensive smartphones.

ZTE's European marketing and business development director Chris Edwards said that manufacturers concentrate too much on expensive, high-end smartphones rather than mid-range devices that appeal to the "majority."

ZTE has just released the Grand X smartphone, which will cost around £190 in the UK. Edwards waded into HTC and Samsung for "tending to use price erosion and aged handsets" in order to deliver phones at mid-range prices. He said that the majority of people want good-quality, high-spec devices without the leading edge technology used by rivals.

Expensive smartphones might "impress consumers" but in the middle ground, where ZTE operates there is is gold. Grand X uses Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset rather than Tegra 3 but the lower price will help the firm "open up what we see as a gap in the market".

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