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Nokia posts €826 million quarterly loss

by on19 July 2012

Lackluster sales, propped up by Redmond

Nokia has released its Q2 financial report and it seems analysts were spot on.

The company managed to ship four million Lumia smartphones in Q2, bringing the total tally to 7 million. Lumia sales doubled compared to the first quarter, but they are still not growing fast enough.

Overall Nokia sold 83.7 million phones, up from 82.7 million in Q1, but down 4.8 million units from last year. Worse, sales of Nokia smart devices dropped from 16.7 to 10.2 million in the space of a single quarter.

This indicates that Symbian is on its merry way to the happy hunting grounds, but Windows Phone is slow to replace it.

Total operating loss was €826 million. The Verge is reporting that Nokia’s figures would have been even worse without a quarterly cheque from Redmond. Money well spent.

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