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Meet AMD’s new FX 8320, 8300 eight-cores

by on13 July 2012

Vishera, late October launch

We have already revealed that AMD FX 8350 is a 4GHz eight-core, capable of hitting  4.2GHz on Turbo, in a 125W envelop and you can read all about it here.

It turns out that AMD is working on two more Vishera eight-cores. The runner up is called AMD FX 8320 and is an eight-core with 16MB cache at 3.5GHz that can get to 4.0GHz on Turbo. It is still a 32nm SOI part with a 125W TDP that supports DDR3 1866 memory and comes in AMD’s AM3+ package.

The AMD FX 8300 is also an eight-core processor with a 95W TDP that still has 16MB of cache and works at 3.3GHz default clock or 3.2GHz on Turbo. This processor looks really attractive due to the somewhat lower TDP. The rest of the specification is still the same, DDR3 1866 memory, AM3+ 32nm SOI and eight-cores. This part has a real chance of being really popular, at least if the price is right.

They all should show up in late October according to current plans which point to an early Q4 2012 launch. For many value minded consumers these chips might be a great pre-Thanksgiving / Xmas treat and they will be a good basis for mid-range gaming rigs.

We are sure that these parts will have some very attractive pricing as the fastest AMD FX 8150 Zambezi core currently sells for €173 or $199 in States. This is truly a good price for such a part.

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