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Asus shows off hi-res Trasformer TF700 tablet

by on26 June 2012

Fighting Apple's retina display

Asus has hit back at Apple's Retina display with a new high-density tablet of its own. The Transformer Pad Infinity which will cost about the same as an iPad $499 has a lot to give Apple run for its money.

The base model has 32GB of built-in storage, doubling the capacity of its iPad counterpart and it is thinner and lighter. It also has shedloads of connectivity options and an optional keyboard dock. Given that the iPad's latest incarnation is all about its screen, the Transformer's screen is slightly larger and the bezels are a  wider. The Transformer's display is 16:10. Apple sticks to the 4:3 ratio familiar from old-school CRTs.  This makes the Transformer better for movies, while 4:3 is better for paper stuff.

Tech report did a look at the Transformer's screen. It said that while it is bigger it has fewer pixels. The Transformer spreads 1920x1200 pixels over 10.1", while the iPad squeezes 2048x1536 pixels into 9.7".  While a 1080p video can still be displayed on the Infinity's screen the iPad has 37 per cent more pixels in a smaller area, resulting in a much higher PPI. The iPad's Retina panel is 264 PPI, while the Transformer manages 224 PPI.  This is pretty good for an Android tablet most of which are just 149 PPI. But it appears that you can tell the difference between the two tablets if you look at text long enough.

The colours are not as lush either but the Transformer has a bright backlight which boosts the backlight's output substantially and generates  626 cd/m². The Retina display, meanwhile, tops out at a dismal 435 cd/m².  All this means is that you can take your tablet outside and actually see it. The Transformer has a Tegra 3 which also helps things on the graphics front. All up it looks like Asus have created a good rival to the iPad at a decent price.  With Android onboard it also makes life a lot more customisable for the user.

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