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Amazon could roll out new Kindle Fire in July

by on26 June 2012

1280x800 screen, or so they say

There have been plenty of Kindle rumours lately and when it comes to most of them we really don’t even bother. 

However, this time around CNET is reporting that the Kindle Fire 2 should launch in a month or so. According to a “credible source,” Amazon is targeting July 31 for the launch event.

Details are still sketchy. We don’t know what sort of chip is under the bonnet, but the new Kindle will reportedly feature 8GB of storage like the first generation. There is no word on price but Amazon will probably stick to $199.

However, rumour mongers claim it will sport a 1280x800 panel, making those teen vampire novels look rather crisp. Bukowski fans need not upgrade, 1024x600 with alcoholic anti-aliasing is good enough and $199 translates to a couple of nice binges.

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