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17-inch Macbook Pro apparently scrapped

by on12 June 2012


Disappears from online Apple Store

The recent announcement of refreshed Macbook Pros raised an eyebrow or two as the 17-inch model was nowhere to be seen. It now seems like Apple simply decided that 17-inch is too large and has scrapped the 17-inch Macbook Pro, pulling it from its online Apple Store.

Currently, Macbook Pro lineup lists refreshed 13- and 15-inch Ivy Bridge Macbook Pros and the new Macbook Pro Retina model. Apple did not shed any light on the actual reason for scrapping the 17-inch model, but the most likely case is the new Retina model that has a 2880x1800 resolution and much better pixel density than the 17-inch 1920x1080 model.

17-inch size is not exactly best selling either as professionals usually go for external monitors if they need them, while 15-inchers were always considered the middle ground between portability and screen size. Of course, the new Macbook Pro Retina is a game changer due to its high resolution.

In any case, 17-inch Macbook Pro has gone the way of the Dodo bird and we doubt we will see it come back anytime soon.

Last modified on 13 June 2012
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