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Chrome for mobile updated

by on07 June 2012

Android 4, ICS users only

All 7.1 percent of Android users who are lucky enough to be able to install Chrome Beta on their phones have a cool update coming their way. It’s been rolling out over the last 24 hourds, depending on the territory and it is the first major update since April 14th.

The new Chrome update gets the version up from 18.0. 4531.3636 to 18.0.1025.166 and it’s rather interesting to see that Google made a typo on its official webpage telling us that the previous version was market as 0.18.4531.3636.

The update focuses primarily on stability and performance improvements and there are a few known bugs that remained in this version including 113041: No way to auto-hide the toolbar and 114964: Error pages are not optimized for mobile / Android devices among some others.

It’s a nice browser and maybe now it might stop crashing on HTC devices. The previous release brought quite a lot of instability to HTC One series phones, managing to crash Sense 4.0 quite often, at least before the new One X and S firmware came out.

We still don’t like the fact that it doesn’t and probably never will support flash, but the rest is really nice.

The official release notes are here.

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