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Higher clocked Tegra 3+ coming soon

by on29 May 2012

Wayne still CES 2013

Nvidia keeps working on an updated version of Tegra 3 and in its internal roadmaps it simply calls the new chip Tegra 3 +.

As the name implies, this should be a higher clocked Tegra 3 with the same feature set as its predecessor. The current Tegra 3 works up to 1.5GHz and we are hearing that the new Tegra 3 + should end up with slight clock increase of 1.7GHz clock. The feature set remains the same but the Tegra 3 will have an optional LTE plug ability which will bring some quad-core LTE Tegra 3 + devices to US market, although it is not an integrated solution. The US really cares about LTE while the rest of the word really doesn’t, at least not nearly as much.

Wayne, Nvidia’s next generation Tegra chip, is still scheduled to appear in 28nm at CES 2013. This looks like a slight delay since Tegra 3 was launched in November 2011. We should probably see some devices based on Wayne already at CES.

Tegra 3+ will also match the LTE chip and at least in tablet market will gain some traction of a quad-core chip that is LTE capable. At this time, no one can offer one, but it is safe to assume Apple and Samsung will also get there soon.

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