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Chinese Mandarins unblock Canadian Broadcasting site

by on15 April 2008


China braces itself for Celine Dion

Glorious People’s Republic of China has decided that its citizens can now cope with the terrible pressures of being exposed to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Websites.

There has been some diplomatic meandering at the highest level after the CBC discovered that China thought its Websites were too politically sensitive for your average Chinese person. This might come as a surprise to those who have found CBC, well, boring, and the only atrocity it was more likely of was to force snaps of Celine Dion on an unsuspecting public.  However, it did not release voice footage of her singing.

CBC President and CEO Hubert T. Lacroix penned a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to thank him personally for allowing the site to be unblocked. The French-language Website had been blocked for six months while the English site had been cut off since January.

China recently unblocked access to the English version of Wikipedia, the user-written online encyclopedia, according to reports.
Last modified on 15 April 2008
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