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50 percent of next-gen netbooks will be fanless

by on18 May 2012

5W dual-core TDP kit

Intel has at least two different design kits for different netbook form factors that should revive this category in 2012. Well, at least they will try.

The smaller netbooks should end up with a fanless design and Intel hopes that at least 50 percent of all available Cedar Trail netbooks in 2012 should end up without a fan. The secret is the 5W TDP kit that was optimized for fanless designs.

The plan is that 10.2-inch netbooks should end up fanless and have longer battery life than 11.6- and 12.1-inch designs, with 8W TDP kits.

Even the 5W 10.2-inch reference design is a dual-core and it comes with 2GB DDR3 memory and HDD or SSD. There is also a plan to put optional 3G in some of the machines. So, more than 50 percent of all Cedar Trail designs should end up fanless and this is definitely something to look forward to.

Intel also claims that the fanless kit has a lower bill of materials, quiet acoustics, clean and aesthetic design as well as enabling rugged and dust free design.    

Systems based on current generation 1.6GHz N2600 dual-core are relatively affordable. The cheapest we could find listed was on sale for 259 euro with Linux, or just over 260 euro with Windows 7 Starter. You can check out the listings here.

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