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Iran to sue Google over Persian Gulf

by on18 May 2012

Dropped from maps

While you would think with a worldwide boycott of trade, Iran's Foreign Ministry might have a few more pressing things on its mind, but apparently it wants to sue Google.

Google made the mistake of dropping the name Persian Gulf from its Google Maps and leaving the waterway between Iran and Arab states nameless. Iran claims it is one of the seditionist acts taken as part of the soft war against the Iranian nation.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying htat Google's shameless act of dropping the name 'Persian Gulf' which is against historical documents. He said that it was “on our agenda” to make an official complaint against Google.

Designation of the key waterway for global oil and gas supplies has long been a touchy issue among the countries bordering it such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iraq and Iran. Iran says it is the Persian Gulf, the Arab states say it is the Arabian Gulf. Foreign language descriptions can offend either party if they use one name or the other. Iran is not making many friends among Gulf Arab states at the moment over its nuclear energy programme and fomenting unrest in Bahrain.

Tehran has lauded Arab uprisings in the region as an "Islamic awakening" against despotic rulers, saying they were influenced by its own 1979 Islamic revolution. Iran threatened in 2010 to ban airlines from using its airspace if they referred to the Arabian instead of Persian Gulf.

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