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HP wants to get back into tablets

by on14 May 2012

What could possibly go wrong?

The maker of expensive printer ink and a failed maker of keyboardless networks has decided that it wants to be back into tablets.

HP has announced that it will start selling tablets again but they will use  Windows 8 rather than WebOS. HP ended sales of the TouchPad last year because of sales that tanked faster than the German Elephant and the company slashed the price of the tablet to less than £100 in a bid to clear out remaining stocks.

It would appear that the Windows 8 tablets will come with cloud-based services to allow users to store and share content across different tech toys. The tablets will be based on x86 processors.  Some will use Intel chips but others will be based on AMD.   So far there is now world about any ARM technology and running Windows RT.

Windows 8 will come in the fourth quarter of the year, just in time for the back-to-school period and the holidays. It will  run Intel's Ivy Bridge.

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