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Galaxy S III rumors just won’t die

by on08 May 2012

1080p screen, ceramics, fairy dust

Tech rumors tend to be quite persistent and sometimes we get the feeling that they could survive a thermonuclear exchange. After a few dozen 25-megaton SS-18s, we would probably see cockroaches engaged in a heated debate about the iPhone 12 spec all over what’s left of the blogosphere. Also, Keith Richards would still be around.

So, now we are hearing a new round of Galaxy S III rumors, based on earlier rumors which failed to pan out. There is talk of a “new” Galaxy S III version, with a non-PenTile 1080p screen, Android 5.0 and a ceramic shell. Basically the same rumors we heard earlier this year, regurgitated and repacked with a new best-by date. The new Galaxy S III Advance or Plus, or whatever, should appear sometime in Q3.

Whether there is really something to the new rumors, or they are just a way for bloggers to save face, is up to you to decide. As you can probably tell from the sarcasm, we already have.

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