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Mums want a tablet for mothers' day

by on03 May 2012

But their kids buy them flowers

Never mind “kids of today” it looks like mothers are getting a little more greedy too. According to a recent poll, more than 90 per cent of mums would rather that there kids gave them a tablet for Mother's day than anything less useful.

This is bad news for those kids who think that their mums can be palmed off with a bunch of flowers nicked from a cemetery or frog which she can call her own. The  survey released Tuesday by the shopping site, claimed that 91% of mothers polled would much rather have an Apple iPad than yet another bunch of flowers. We would dispute that anyone's mum would know the brand of anything, but we are happy to suspect they would want one of those nice but useless tablet things.

It is fairly clear that mothers really have not got a clue what they are. Most mothers don't want their children to spend more than $50 on them, and only 18 per cent are expecting gifts that cost $250 or more.
Apparently though 27 per cent  of respondents are planning to give their mothers flowers this year and 59 per cent are going spend $50 or less. A third will not bother.

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