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Ivy Bridge dual is Core i7 and i5

by on19 April 2012

Confuse the market

There will be a set of ultra low voltage Core i5 or Core i7 branded dual-cores, but at launch Intel is starting with quad-cores that can deal with eight threads, of course in mobile world. When it gets ready which should be at some point in late May, it will start launching a few standard voltage dual-cores.

To make things more interesting it will brand them as Core i7 and Core i5 parts. The fastest is Core i7 3520M a dual core with four threads that works at 2.9GHz. Its maximal single core Turbo can get it to 3.6GHz while a maximal dual core turbo stops at 3.4GHz.

It comes with Intel HD 4000 graphics clocked at 650MHz a base frequency and 1250MHz as its top speed, has 4MB cache and support for DDR3 1600. This is a 35W TDP part that brings a lot of performance but quite high TDPs for ultra-low battery life.

The runner up is Core i5 3360M, again a dual-core with four threads working at 2.8GHz.  Single core Turbo can get it up to 3.5Hz, while the maximum dual-core turbo stops at 3.3GHz, just to make a difference from its faster and more expensive i7 brother. The only difference from Core i7 3520M is that this CPU has 3MB cache and its graphics clock stops at 1200MHz. The rest is the same and it has the same 35W TDP.

The cheapest of three is Core i5 3320M, again a dual-core with four thread support and 2.6GHz normal clock. Its top single-core Turbo clock is 3.3 GHz, while the maximum dual-core turbo clock stops at 3.1 GHz. Graphics clocks, 3MB cache, DDR3 1600 and the 35 W TPD are something that this chap shares with the faster Core i5 3360 sibling.

They should start launching in various systems at some point of next week in reviews and the week after in shops.

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