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Copyright Troll surrenders

by on27 March 2012

Stops showing up in court

The copyright troll Righthaven seems to have given up and is not even bothering to show up at court.

According to Tech Dirt CEO Steve Gibson is working at another job while he is being investigated by the Nevada Bar and main lawyer Shawn Mangano apparently has completely stopped responding to all attempts to contact him, even by the court. All the company's appeals have been  dismissed "for lack of prosecution" and last week it had one of its main cases closed, with prejudice.

Last year, Righthaven attempted to stop the train wreck, which was its litigation attempts, by hiring copyright lawyer Dale Cendali to help with some of the key cases. However, not even Cendali could stop the rot and an argument that compared Righthaven to patent trolls was dismissed. Cendali now says she was really just hired for a couple small issues which she completed last summer and Righthaven hasn't paid her yet either.

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