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Trinity said to be 29 percent faster than Llano

by on20 March 2012

Graphics performance boosted 56 percent

According to a set of AMD slides, the upcoming Trinity APU should end up about 29 percent faster than Llano.

It sounds like a decent boost over the current generation, but graphics performance went one step further. AMD promises to deliver a 56 percent boost, courtesy of new VLIW4 GPU cores based on HD 6000 Radeons.

The numbers are in line with earlier rumours and AMD does not expect to face any major yield issues this time around. Llano was plagued by teething issues and AMD even yanked some 65W quads from the market entirely, but Trinity should be a different story altogether.

In addition, Trinity should have a much better crack at the mobile market, as AMD is planning to introduce 17W and 25W parts for ultrathin notebooks.

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