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Dual core Trinity in Q3 2012

by on16 March 2012

Two 65W SKUs

AMD is not ready to talk about the clock speeds of dual-core Trinity cores but at least we have managed to learn their names.

AMD plans to introduce the faster and unlocked A6 5400K, a dual-core Trinity with HD7560D DirectX 11 graphics. We don’t know the clock speed but the new CPU supports socket FM2 and DDR3 1866 memory.

The second SKU, the slower of two is A4 5300 and this one has HD 7580D graphics that at least sounds a bit faster than the 7560D on the A6 5400K. Both CPUs are 65W parts and both are obviously meant for desktop computers.

AMD still keeps their clocks quiet but we can tell you that slowest of quad core Trinity desktop parts the A8 5500 runs at 3.2GHz and with AMD turbo implementation can reach even 3.6 GHz.

We would not be surprised to see some even higher clock speeds as Dual core Trinity parts will only have two cores enabled and a lot of room for nice clock speeds under 65W TDP.

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