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Nvidia GTX 680 to go against HD 7970

by on12 March 2012


Better performance per Watt, same price

According to rumours that we are hearing from our sources close to company, it appears that the upcoming Nvidia GTX 680 graphics based on the GK104 Kepler GPU will be priced at around US $550, basically the same price as the AMD Radeon HD 7970. We are also hearing that Nvidia made a quite bold claim, promising to deliver better performance per Watt than the competition.

We are still trying to chase down more sources and try to confirm some other rumours, but for now we are hearing that the performance should be quite similar to the Radeon HD 7970 as the new GTX 680 card wins in some benchmarks and games and lose in some others. Overall it should win most DirectX 11 benchmarks, at least that is what we are hearing. 

We are also currently hearing that the TDP should be somewhere around 200W and it will need two 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors.

The decision to go for a $550 price tag doesn't come as a surprise although we were hoping that Nvidia might go for a lower price in order to hurt AMD sales and restart those price wars we all love. Of course, price is never carved in stone and Nvidia can easily change it, but for now, our sources are pretty sure about it.

You should take these claims with a grain of salt as we are still talking about gossip and we are unable to confirm the details. Hopefully we'll see more info as we draw closer to the launch date.

Last modified on 12 March 2012
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