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Microsoft sacks 200 staff

by on03 February 2012

We don't need marketing staff

On the eve of two big projects which will decide the company's fate, the release of Windows 8 and its Windows Mobile product, Microsoft has decided to axe huge numbers of the staff that will be needed to convince the world to buy them.

Microsoft laid off about 200 employees Wednesday as part of a restructuring of its marketing operations. Sources close to the company said that the layoffs are aimed at reducing duplication of job responsibilities.  Quite how you can have as many as 400 people doing the same work as 200 we do not understand and we worked for the government at one point.

Microsoft said that the reorganisation gives greater control over advertising to the product-marketing groups within each of Microsoft's business divisions, such as the ones for Bing within the Online Services division or Xbox within the Entertainment & Devices division.

Microsoft's central marketing team will continue to oversee the company's brands and coordinate efforts in the divisions, a statement said.

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