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Kepler to end up in Ultrabooks

by on27 January 2012


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Kepler, Nvidia's next generation GPU that goes after Southern Islands 28nm parts from AMD, can be used in ultrabooks. We don’t know which particular part can get into these tiny notebooks or what are the thermal requirements for an external GPU in ultrabook, but we can confirm that Nvidia Kepler will be in some new Ivy Bridge ultrabooks.

This makes for an exciting development as many people expected that ultrabooks will always be doomed with Intel integrated graphics. It turns out that with Optimus, Nvidia can play this card and place some low power GPUs in some ultrabooks. Of course, don't expect any miracles, we are still talking about low TDP parts.

Sources mentioned that Asus and Acer should be on board, but we cannot confirm this at press time. However, we stand tall by the news that Kepler gets to Ultrabooks this year. This was confirmed by several industry sources.

We don’t know if AMD has any design wins for ultrabook discrete graphics, they still don’t have a real competitor to Optimus, which might be a limiting factor AMD GPUs in this Ultrabooks. However, AMD will definitely get the chance to win a part of the thin and light notebook market with Trinity APUs, which will be more affordable than Intel parts and they should pack better integrated graphics.

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