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Intel to roll out crippled Sandy Bridge

by on30 December 2011

Three SKUs sans graphics

Intel is planning to introduce three new Sandy Bridge SKUs that won’t feature integrated graphics, in an apparent attempt to get rid of dodgy cores ahead of the Ivy Bridge launch.

According to VR Zone, the new GPU-less parts will feature a P suffix in their designation. The Core i5-2380P is a 3.1GHz part, overclockable to 3.4GHz on Turbo, while the Core i5-2450P ends up at 3.2GHz/3.5GHz. The Core i5-2550P will be the fastest of the lot, with a stock clock of 3.4GHz, or 3.8GHz on Turbo.

There’s no word on an exact launch date, or pricing for that matter. However, the new chips could be an interesting choice for all users who really don’t need integrated graphics, as they will probably save a few pennies over plain Sandy Bridge parts with similar clocks.

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