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Galaxy Nexus hits Germany

by on09 December 2011

Yours for €529

The good thing about the EU is that many shops will ship gear to many EU countries, as long as you are willing to spend the money which might be good news for Galaxy Nexus lovers from Germany and neighboring countries. Of course, the bad thing about the EU is that many consumers might not be able to afford new phones, or anything else for that matter.

Bear in mind that the phones listed and available here are meant for the German market, but since they don’t have any physical keyboard and that Android lets you change the language, you should not have any issues with them.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB is available for €529 in several German etail shops and Germans will have to pay €5.9 for shipping, while most other EU countries can get it for €14.90 shipping fee. Impatient German consumers will pay the same for DHL express delivery.

Many Google phone lovers stand a good chance of getting their Nexus phones before Xmas, which is the time where many customers make their phone upgrades.  If you are aware that you can get Galaxy Nexus 16GB phones in EU countries aside from the UK and Germany please let us know.

You can get them here.

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