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Half-Life 3 already in development?

by on05 December 2011

No word that this is the case from Valve

Could it be that Valve is already quietly working on Half-Life 3? While many have assumed for some time that Valve would drop another chapter in the franchise at some point, the company has been working on other things, so we just assumed that this was a project on the back burner.

Talk of a possible Half-Life 3 in development, however, has heated up after a picture of an unnamed Valve employee showed up on a Twitter feed with the “Tweeter” saying that he had permission to take the picture. While the t-shirt clearly shows the Half-Life 3 logo and it was worn at a Seattle developer night event, people are already putting two and two together.

Well… we have reached out to a number of our sources in the development community and no seems have heard any indication that Half-Life 3 is being actively worked on; but everyone in the shadows does believe that we will see a Half-Life 3 title at some point and it is just a matter of when.

No comment from Valve so far, but it is possible that it could be coming. Still, we don’t think we will hear about it till CES at the earliest, but more likely E3 if they really have something in the works. After all, if a T-shirt can predict the future, who are we not to fan the flames of possibility?

Here is a link to the Twitter feed for those that like to dream.!/Ekanaut

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