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Samsung to open source Bada

by on21 September 2011

Maybe someone will use it
Samsung is to open source its mobile software platform Bada in a bid to kick-start growth in the operating system.

The hardware maker is hoping to reduce its reliance on Google Android after the search engine outfit bought rival Motorola. According to the Wall Street Journal Samsung "is planning to make Bada software an open source platform next year." The big idea is that if the software was open sourced, like Android, then developers would rush to support it and Samsung would not have to do much at all.

Of course they might just ignore it too, which is also a risk. So far, Samsung has not shown much enthusiasm for the product. If open sourcing it marks a change in this policy then it is possible that developers will support it. However there are huge hurdles to jump over before a new operating system could match Android.

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