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Texas Instruments might want to sell OMAP

by on12 September 2011


If not all
Sunny California is just as good as cloudy Taiwan to pick us some of the latest rumours, and the one that we keep hearing from several sources claims that Texas Instruments is up for sale. It is not clear if someone might take over the whole company or if we are talking about TI’s OMAP business unit that makes the ARM compatible chips, but it’s certain that a few companies are eyeing the opportunity.

We also heard that Texas Instruments doesn’t want to put a lot of effort in Windows 8 development as it puts more hopes in future Android builds. We will definitely double check with Texas Instruments about these pretty loud rumours, but it’s not clear who might be the potential buyer.

For all we know Nvidia or AMD could be potential customers and the big difference is that AMD might have a hard time raising enough cash to buy the fellow Texan chipmaker. Intel has repeatedly said that it doesn’t need ARM to maintain its lead despite the general opinion that thinks otherwise.

Intel gave up on its XScale ARM division as it didn’t like the meager profits it could generate from this skinny ASP (Average Selling Price) market.

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