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Google hit by Aussie penis pranksters

by on09 September 2011

Phallic symbols in Street View
Search engine outfit Google is finding that its Street View product is being hampered by wags who insist on sticking drawings of willies everywhere.

In one case, vandals drew a green picture of meat and two veg on the lens of a Google Street View camera when the driver was having a rest.  The result was a day filming streets sporting something that was just pleased to see you. The find was first discovered by users on BuzzFeed and has since goneviral. Google Australia has yet to remove the images or make a comment on the matter.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald Aussie pranksters have been desperate to get images of Steve and the Twins online. Sometimes these have involved spraying weedkiller on grass in the shape of their Master Sword on the grass a few days before a Google Satellite snap. The trend appears to have caught on in New Zealand where  six penises were etched into the grass of a school in Waikato.

Lately Google's Street View cars have been updating the search services Street View imagery of Australia with new higher quality snaps.  It seems that in response Aussie wags have arranged an attack of the giant penises again.

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