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AMD new CEO makes Youtube appearance

by on07 September 2011

We are leaders not followers speech
“I really like to compete and win”, were the first official words that we heard from AMD's new CEO Rory Read addressing his employees. ”We only have one pass at this,” he continues, and he definitely was right about this.

A lot of eyes will look to AMD's new leader to try to get AMD to some decent profitability and try to place the chipmaker in a better position against Intel and Nvidia as its strongest competitors. Even if they win market from both Nvidia and Intel, they will still have to face a growing community of ARM competitors. However, this applies to Intel as well.

Rory continues telling that he is passionate about this, and he said that AMD “can be the leaders and don’t have to look left or right.” We've got to become hunters, predators, attack the hill, aggressors were among the words of a leader that he tried to pass to his employees.

“I am here because I want to be here, and I believe so much in this team and what we can do together,” where his last words in video.

We kind of expected that he can tell us some direct ways how he plans to turn things around as company can use much more than 105 million a quarter that it got in Q2 2011. They have a lot of debt and overhead to deal with.

The YouTube video in question is


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