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Blogger comes across fake Apple Store in China

by on21 July 2011

Taking rip-offs to a whole new level
A blogger in China has stumped upon something out of the ordinary even by “liberal” copyright standards often practiced in the Far East.

The blogger going by the name BirdAbroad walked into an Apple Store in Kunming only to find that it was not what it appeared to be. The store featured Apple’s trademark design, wooden floors and blue shirts included. However, the unsuspecting shopper found that the stairs were a bit squeaky and the walls were poorly painted.

As for the stock, BirdAbroad did not go into details, saying that it could be genuine or not. We would bet on the latter. At least you’re not likely to get ripped off in a rip-off store. For that, you have to go to a real Apple Store.

The best part of the story? The blogger found two more rip-off stores in a short walk around the corner.

Check it out here.
Last modified on 21 July 2011
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