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Kal El Tegra 3 to get to phones

by on12 July 2011

Some designs already in 2011
We got confirmation that Kal-El quad core, Nvidia’s next generation SoC with five times faster graphics than Tegra 2 won’t be exclusive for tablets only. It will show up in phones as well.

Well informed sources are confirming that such projects are already underway and that Tegra 3, should we still use the Kal-El codename, will get to a few phone designs.

Tegra 2 did  manage to get a few design wins, but it was not as embraced as Nvidia had hoped for, so maybe the third iteration will help the cause.

Having a quad core in a phone sounds like real overkill, but Kal-El thermals should not be much higher than Tegra 2, this is at least what we heard before from similar Far East sources.

The launch time frame for such a device would be by the end of the year, and you can expect that it shows up after tablets based on the Kal-El quad core. The main concern is that Kal El is still 40nm and that once Nvidia get the 28nm version of its dual and quad cores in 2012. Thermals of such chips will be much more suitable for phones and tablets.
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