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Retailers dumping GTX 480 boards for €200

by on11 July 2011

Deal of the Day: Power hungry and dirt cheap
Nvidia’s first Fermi card got its fair share of bad press back in its day and thanks to high power consumption and unimpressive performance it really didn’t sell that well.

Back in April 2010 the GTX 480 cost a whopping €499 and there were few takers, so quite a few of them ended up on dusty store shelves. Fast forward to today and you can pick up one of these behemoths for about €200. So Nvidia’s loss is a godsend for bargain hunters, as they can get a very fast card for the price of a mid-range GTX 560 with 2GB of memory or a reference HD 6950, both of which are quite a bit slower.

This sounds like a rather good deal, since the old GTX 480 is on a par with GTX 570 and HD 6970 cards in terms of performance, but it’s about 20 percent cheaper. What’s more, Zotac will sell you an overclocked 756MHz version with custom cooling for just over €210.

Bear in mind that the GTX 480 is notorious for its high power consumption and noise, so you might end up paying the difference in electricity bills. However, if you have a good PSU and don’t care about polar bears, the GTX 480 is a pretty tempting deal.

You can check out the listings here and here.
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