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Dynatem flogged to the Italians

by on25 May 2011

Eurotech gets a foothold in the US
Italian based embedded chipmaker Eurotech has just written a $1.9 million cheque to buy the US chipmaker Dynatem.

Dynatem was founded in 1981 and makes processors that operate various devices especially for industrial and rugged uses. It makes $3.6 million a year and sells mostly in the Land of the Free. Roberto Siagri, president and CEO of Eurotech said the deal is expected to close by June 1 and will consolidate his company's presence in the United States.

It will make the company stronger in the West Coast and it will acquire expertise and know-how on the emerging VPX standard. VPX is being developed by Boeing and Northrop Grumman for defence projects. Eurotech also makes embedded devices for the transport, logistics, defense, industrial and medical industries.
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