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File sharing remains a cult rather than religion

by on11 July 2011

Sweden rejects request
An almost 1,000 strong group of file sharers requested that Swedish authorities recognize ‘The Church of Kopimism’, although they haven’t had much luck. Namely, this is the second time Sweden has dismissed the request that would grant its “believers” immunity from prosecution.

Apparently, while some think of file-sharers as pirates, there are some who consider it to be sacred. Swedish authorities had dismissed the request earlier claiming that a religion must have a “formalized way of praying or meditation”. Praying for Top Gear S17E03 to download faster doesn't count apparently.

Unfortunately for these men of faith, introducing a sacred ritual of meditation over shared information and indeed formalizing praying did little to help as the authorities once again dismissed the request. Members of the church remain devoted to the cause and while they’re not sure that they’ll file another request, they intend to:"continue meeting, believing in copying, deepen our faith and church, and fight politically for a world where copying is not only accepted by encouraged."

Last modified on 11 July 2011
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