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Foxcon shutters killer polishing line

by on24 May 2011

iPads not going to be so shiny
Apple's partner Foxcon has shut down part of its plant which was responsible for the explosion which killed three and injured 15 more.

The outfit has decided to temporarily close its polishing workshops at all of its factories while it investigates the exact cause of the explosion. A company spokesman said that the closure could last up to two days while the workshops pass the test.

The cause of the accident is thought to be related to a build-up of combustible aluminium dust inside a polishing workshop. The Tame Apple press, while glossing over the fact that people died, have emphasised fears that the iPad might be in short supply.

The fear is that with workshops closed, a bottleneck will likely occur, because Foxcon will not be able to get the shiny gadgets shiny enough.
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