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AMD talks up HD3D

by on24 May 2011

What do you need shutter glasses for?
AMD has shown up late to the HD3D party taking the mickey out of shutter glasses, USB emitters and relying on third-party middleware for legacy games.

Bit-Tech cornered AMD's Eyefinity, video and HD3D bloke Shane Parfitt this week and asked him what the outfit was playing at. He said that AMD had a quad buffer in our driver, which was developed by our Direct3D engineering team and supports DirectX 9, 10 and 11. It runs like an API and allows either games or middleware to tap into our driver with two streams of data at once – one frame for the left eye, and one frame for the right.

With middleware partners DDD and iZ3D, giving a half price discount to AMD users they can have 3D without needing the glasses. AMD is apparently working with developers to see its stereo 3D games later in 2011.

Eidos will render images for the left eye and the right eye in its games, and tap into our quad buffer driver directly without the need for middleware. The first game out using the system will be Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The full interview is here.
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