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Nokia to cut 4,000 jobs worldwide

by on27 April 2011

3,000 Symbian jobs going to Accenture

Nokia has announced plans for a massive reorganization that will result in about 4,000 layoffs by the end of next year.

The phone maker has also struck a deal with Accenture to transfer all of its Symbian development to the company, including 3,000 employees. As of March 2011, Nokia employed 130,951 people worldwide, but most of the cuts will be focused on Nokia’s native Finland, along with Denmark and Britain.

The move is hardly surprising considering Nokia’s strategic shift to the Windows Phone platform and it might be welcomed by investors. However, it will surely leave quite a few people bitter as well.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop stressed that Nokia is facing “a difficult reality” and pledged to develop long term re-employment programs for the “talented people of Nokia.” That would be the same talented people who are about get the sack.

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