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iPad 2 shows all flaws of iPad 1

by on15 March 2011

No need to make changes, people will buy it anyway
Apple was so convinced that its legions of tame fanboys would junk their old version of the iPad and buy the iPad 2 that it did not bother to fix some of the design faults.

One of the problems with the iPad was light leaking from around the bezel into the display. Snaps are appearing online that show light spreading out from one or more of the iPad 2's four screen edges.

These leaks are not focused light, but intense at the edge and fades as it goes inward. Another bug which was not fixed is a patchy yellow discoloration similar to the problem that bugged some iPhone 4 owners.

Of course as more sales are made it might be that more problems will tip up. The tame Apple press is predicting that it will sell a lot of the iPad 2s. We would like to believe that there is a shred of common-sense in humanity and the analysts will be proved wrong. However we doubt it.

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