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Hacker finds way into PS3 firmware

by on07 March 2011

But is not telling anyone
Hacker Mathieu Hervais has posted on his Twitter that he had found a way to exploit Sony PlayStation 3 firmware 3.56.

Hervais said that he will not release the details, because he is jolly worried that  Sony will send the boys around and arrest him. Hervais said that he hesitated a lot before tweeting about it, but a bug allows exploiting metldr, the bootloader and 3.56+.

While Sony can rest easy that its new PS3 OS still remains officially unhackable it says more about the effectiveness of its techniques of putting the fear of god into hackers. The console maker has been actively dragging hackers who crack its PS3 OS into court and laying complaints with the cops. Sony has taken custom firmware creator Geohot to court, as well as subpoenaed IP addresses of other hackers and even casual visitors of Geohot's site and YouTube account.

It means that even if a hacker finds their way into a PS3 they have to be very brave to tell their mates.
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