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Brink will not get a public beta

by on11 February 2011

Splash Damage confirms that is the case
The upcoming release of Brink from Splash Damage will not have an open public beta as many had hoped. The studio would instead prefer to continue to work on polishing the game, rather than opening it up for promotional purposes.

Instead, Splash Damage will continue to keep the beta testing closed. Whispers tell us that the decision has to do with a lot of different reasons and experience with past beta tests. Sources confirm to us that Brink is apparently still pre-beta, and they are working on the balance and tweaking the game as they figure out what needs to stay in and what needs to go.

Sources also tell us that time is getting short, as the title has a release date of May 17th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, and we are told that this is factoring into the decision. While publisher Bethesda has not closed the door totally on a possible beta, they have confirmed that they will leave the decision in the hands of the developer.

While sources around the web seem to confirm what our shadow dwellers are telling us, many are still hopeful that by some miracle a public beta might be possible, but after talking the ears off our contacts we just don’t think it is going to happen. In fact, we would not even be surprised if the date might get pushed out a little bit; but we think that is purely speculation.

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