Digital purchases vanish from Playstations
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Party like it is 1970

A shedload of digital purchases are mysteriously expiring on classic PlayStation consoles and are suddenly unplayable.

Gran Turismo 7 crashes on PlayStation
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DRM servers go down 

Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation was recently rendered unplayable because the DRM servers that require an online check to play the game crumbled while they were being maintained. 

Original PlayStation game released
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20 years late

It might have taken more than 20 years, but a game intended for the original PlayStation has at last made its way into the world.

PlayStation 5 success tiggered by internet issues
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Going a bit slow

While PlayStation 5 is set to win the battle of the next generation console this year, internet issues threaten to delay the deployment, according to new research from Zen Internet.

Kojima's Death Stranding gets a November release date
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New trailer in tow

Death Stranding has finally got an official release date scheduled for November 8th.

AMD in PlayStation 5 is no surprise
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We knew it five + years ago

The story is straightforward. Ever since Playstation One, Sony didn’t want to use Nvidia for various reasons nor did Nvidia wantto settle for low console margins offered by Sony.

Sony jumps into bed with AMD: next-gen Playstation details emerge
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AMD confirms Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU

After endless rumors regarding the next-generation Playstation console, Sony has now officially revealed a bit more details, with AMD confirming Zen 2 CPU architecture and Navi GPU architecture.

Sony considers merging gaming and film divisions
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Growth pivots towards gaming and VR

Sony Corporation has recently considered merging its gaming and film divisions into a single business, according to a recent report from the Washington Post.

Sony's Playstation 4 had a good Black Friday
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With over 2 million consoles sold

Black Friday is probably one of the biggest shopping days and it appears Sony's Playstation 4 was a big hit with over 2 million consoles sold.

4K Playstation Pro? Don’t get too excited
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No games and a basic Blu-Ray disk

While many had hoped that Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro would herald a brave new age of 4k gaming, they  might have to scale back their expectations – at least for now.