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Dakota is next Bold offering

by on20 January 2011


Said to run 6.1 of BlackBerry OS
Codename Dakota is the next offering in the BlackBerry Bold family, according to our sources in the land of RIM. The company has been working on this next offering for the Bold product family for some time, and it could be that the company might have gotten it right this time around.

The biggest news about the Dakota offering is that it will be a keyboard/touchscreen combo in the standard Bold form factor that is said to offer more of everything that Bold users want in their next BlackBerry, including a higher resolution display, HD Video recording and more RAM. In addition, it may offer a bit higher performance 800Mhz processor, but that appears to be just a guess at this time.

Dakota will ship with BlackBerry OS 6.1 when it arrives later this year. Considering that RIM also has the Apollo (the next offering in the Curve family), Monaco (the next offering in the Storm family that is also being called Storm 3), an updated Torch that has been called Torch 2, and the new PlayBook tablet offering, the company has pretty much their roadmap in place for 2011.

The real question is whether RIM will be able to execute on their roadmap. The Dakota might not arrive till late spring or early summer; and all reports seem to suggest that RIM still will continue to offer no LTE solutions till very late this year, at the earliest.

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