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Apple looks to Sun to run its toys

by on14 January 2011

Solar Power could be the way forward
Job's Mob is looking at methods to extend the battery life of the toys he makes by strapping solar cells on them. According to a patent, Apple is looking at solar power as a  secondary power source for its mobile devices.

The application, which describes an auxiliary solar cell that interfaces with a device's battery. It includes a "battery charging manager" that can handle power from a "plurality of power sources including a solar power source."

The filing said that the patent is for "a solar power package for use with an electronic device, the package comprising: at least one solar cell operable to derive solar power from solar energy; and a power charger operable to provide the derived solar power to the portable electronic device, wherein the derived solar power is provided in a plug-and-play fashion when the portable electronic device is coupled to the package, and wherein the power charge is operative to adjust the amount of power provided to the portable electronic device based on attributes of the portable electronic device."

It is a good idea for technology, the only problem is the placement of the solar cells in a way that does not stuff up the rest of the gizmo.

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