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Sony launches legal action against PS3 hackers

by on12 January 2011

Thou shalt not publish our security codes
PS3 maker Sony is suing the hackers who found and published security codes for the PlayStation 3 which allowed anyone to run any software they liked on their consoles.

Sony claims that this constitutes copyright infringement and computer fraud. However speaking to the BBC George Hotz, one of the hackers, said Sony has not got a bat's chance in hell of pulling off the case. He said that a company that prides itself on intellectual property to be well versed in the provisions of the law, so he is disappointed in Sony's current action.

Hotz is 21 and is famous for jailbreaking the iPhone's security. He is named alongside more than 100 people associated with a hacking group known as fail0verflow. Sony asks for a restraining order that bans Hotz from further hacking and prevents distribution of the software produced as a result.

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