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Fable III running on PCs at CES

by on07 January 2011

Still mum about when it will be released
As a follow up to the news about the PC version of Fable III that we told you about the other day, its actual release might be much sooner than we thought. In the Microsoft booth at CES, Fable III is up and running on the PC and being shown to all that want to see it.

Besides the fact that it looks great, those on hand are apparently mum on when it will finally show up on retailer shelves. All that we are being told is that it is still coming and more release details will follow soon. We are unable to get an answer as to whether the game is actually ready to ship, but from the whispers that we hear it is still being worked on.

We do suspect the fact that it is being shown in the Microsoft booth is a good sign that the game is going to be released; but we know that most PC players waiting for it just want to know when it will be released.

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